25 July 2009

Why Gartner is Critical To Your Business

Gartner does Prog? But I mean it is a remix of Tiesto so it kinda makes sense I guess. I will also take this time to say sorry for not posting for so long, I'm up in the mountains on a family vacation and the internet here sucks, so I can't upload anything without it taking like days. I'll post tomorrow when I get back home. But until then, this can't be overlooked.

While Gartner is obviously the clear winner, I do very much enjoy the Benassi remix (It's him doing what he always does, but he just does it so well). Surprisingly the Tiesto Remix beat the Laidback Luke Remix in my opinion, funny; too bad Laidback's kinda going downhill.

Wanna get all these remixes? I'm sure you do. Well stop on down at Temple of House's post as he's already been kind enough to post all of them, not to mention in 320!


P.S. I will start off by saying that I have nothing against Swehouse as a blog, in fact they're one of my favorites and I thank them for introducing me to House in some sense and more specifically introducing M to Gartner, but I think we should get some credit for something, or M should to be more specific. Swehouse also posted the Gartner and Laidback Luke, and in their titled called Gartner "our savior". I feel as though we pioneered such thinking here, here, sort of here, here, and of course here. However, maybe M read this somewhere and hasn't realized that in fact someone else pioneered such thinking about this awesome man, who I've heard is related to Jesus...BUT, it's just a rumor.

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