22 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode VII: Oizoliscious

Man, I'm so happy to be posting again. This is the last post on the godly year that was 1997. In this episode is the first release from one of our favorite producers. Also, I'm posting the album that defined rave music during its time, and it sure wasn't house.


Jumpman tells me that this release is the result of Oizo handing in some demos to Laurent Garnier, who then told him that he should be making music. In fact, most of Oizo's pre Ed Banger Releases were on Garnier's label, F Communications. Now Mr. Oizo rules, and surely you all know that. Every time he releases something, it has a completely new sound but still contains that unique sound that's undeniably Oizo. However, this release is somewhat French House, but much more along the lines of the Motorbass / I:Cube techno-y / deep house sound rather than the disco sounds that were becoming more and more popular during this year. This is not an accessible EP by any means, but my guess is that if you're reading this, you're a fan of Mr. Oizo and are at least curious to try it out. If you haven't heard of Oizo, then just take my word for it: this shit is cool as hell.

This album is the shit. While the French were making house cool again, those British blokes by the name of The Prodigy (but everyone knows it was all Liam Howlett) were tearing the rave shit up with their undeniably awesome hardcore sound. I'm gonna bet that Breakbeat music comes back soon. I mean all the big names have been touring recently, and there are NO Breakbeat producers getting any rep on blogs. It may take a year a two, but when 90's culture rears it's head back into popularity, you can bet that underground Breakbeat producers and DJs will too. I'm actually really excited.

The Party (Splitloop Remix) - Rico Tubbs

Contemporary, probably the only new Breakbeat track that I've gotten from blogs (Pelski specifically). It's awesome, and I want more from Splitloop. Big Electro influence. DJs looking for something different to drop in their sets should definitely pick this up. If anyone has ANY Splitloop, PLEASE hook me up.

Once again, for those of you that follow this blog, if the blog for some reason disappears without warning again, just head on over to apeswithbarrels.wordpress.com where we'll continue our mission to become the greatest pirates to ever surf teh interweb.


  1. Omg, yes, the prodigy...and Oizo! What label was he on before Ed Banger?

    and wordpress ftw

  2. Basically he was on FCommunications, which was Garnier's label.