21 June 2009

Zomby, Joker, and 12th Planet Review

So Jumpman and I went to another free Scion House Party show at the Roxy, this time Dubstep. I've got to say, I think the crowd enjoyed this one the most so far. Funny thing about all these shows so far is that the headliner for each one has been disappointing and resulted in the crowd leaving, all 3 I've been to. Here's the play by play for this one:


First up was 12th Planet. He used to make DnB but has since found his calling in Dubstep. He's signed to So Sweet Records now (who I intern for), and will be playing at both EDC as well as the next Scion House Part with Kode9 & The Spaceape and Martyn (SO EXCITED). 12th Planet kicked ass. He mixed hard ass Dubstep with 2 CDJs, no computer, and had a fucking blast on stage. He was really involved with the music and the crowd, and the crowd loved it. I'm excited to see him again.

This video sucks, but its basically the best I could find of him playing live.

Next up was Joker along with his MC Nomad. I love Joker's productions, and hopefully Jumpman will post about him (or just plain post about anything). Joker was an awesome DJ, using SSL and some turntables, but he showed as much emotion as a rock, seriously. He never smiled, barely moved, he was just a statue. His MC was very laid back and cool, and was definitely a plus but overall very inactive. However, it worked, and they destroyed the crowd from start to finish with super filthy dubstep beats, good mixing, and great interaction with the crowd from Nomad. He ended on Skream's awesome remix of La Roux (grab it HERE), and then Skream came up on stage from nowhere. Skream and Joker then did a stage dive during the big drop at the end of the remix (this was the only time Joker smiled during the whole show), and he was quite heavy and hard to carry. Best of the night, although I preferred 12th Planet's stage presence.

They played this track when I saw em:

Finally, up came Zomby in a Guy Fawkes mask. Zomby makes some awesome shit, with dubstep EPs that have this really distinctive and unique sound and an album that's trying to revive 90's Rave House. He was using Ableton. However, his set was mostly the Rave House, which was totally fine by me (in fact I prefered it), but the crowd was not as happy. This was a Dubstep crowd through and through, they were even singing along to a bunch of songs that the other DJs played. Zomby also had a bunch of technical problems which affected his sound making some things too soft but mostly it was just way too loud and made some people just leave the venue holding their hands over their ears. At one point, he even brough in a song that wasn't beatmatched correctly (how do you evne do that in Ableton? Thats what happens when you DJ without headphones... fuckin Ableton). When he put on his last song Strange Fruit, he checked his cell phone, drank the rest of his champagne, and then just left the stage while the song was still playing. Jumpman's guess is that he started as a producer and is relatively new to DJing, which I would definitely believe, especially since I can't find any youtube videos of him playing live.

So instead, I have a video of Erol Alkan dropping Strange Fruit:

Overall fun night, just sad to see Zomby fall apart like that, especially since his tracks were awesome. He really should be playing the House stage at a big rave.

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