21 June 2009

DJ Yoda

DJ Yoda is a Hip-Hop DJ from the UK that is commonly described as DJ Shadow with a sense of humor. And I must stress, this guy is HILARIOUS. He even has a track on his album with Biz Markie laying down rhymes about Breakfast Cereal, and believe me its even more awesome than it sounds. He's also got these great mixes/albums that I won't be posting, but if you like what you hear, you should go out and grab em, he's even got one of all 80's tracks.


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Mash Up Minimix (30.11.2007) - DJ Yoda

This was a re-airing of his mix for Annie Mac's show on Radio 1 that happened in 2004. Start with this. Really shows off his skill as a DJ.

The Amazing Adventures Of DJ Yoda - DJ Yoda
His album, released in 2006. This shit is awesome. Collection of awesome beats and raps, very lighthearted and fun. Good pregame/party music. All I can say is hilarious and fun, something that everyone will like.

Mash Up Minimix (21.12.2007) - DJ Yoda
This is a Christmas themed mix he did for Annie Mac. Not as good as his other mix, but still good for laughs.

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