22 June 2009


Zomby, who's real identity is unknown, is a british Dubstep DJ/Producer, from Kode9's Hyperdub Label. Excluding his 2008 debut Album, Where were you in 92', which was inspired by the sounds of early 90's rave music (like acid house, breakbeat, hardcore techno), his music draws a lot of influence from early italian analog synth experimentalists, it may just be a coincidence but considering his name is Zomby, and considering the great zombie films of the late 70s and early 80s often used these cool dark chippy electronic soundtracks, i wouldn't be surprised. Since you might not know what that sounds like i'll put a track by Goblin from Dawn of the Dead (1978) below so you can see for yourself. Anyways full of horror inspired gloopy face melting synths and awesome beats, Enjoy>