06 June 2009

Rusty Nails

Moderat just released one of my favorite cuts off their album along with some remixes that you'll definitely want to check out. If you haven't already, you should definitely grab their album HERE (via Fake Tattoos) as well as check out our review of their live show HERE. Here's Rusty Nails (12''), tracks in order as they appear on the vinyl:


Rusty Nails (TRG'S Peaktime Remix) - Moderat

Awesome dubstep remix. Really well done.

Rusty Nails (Original Mix) - Moderat

As I said, one of my favorites from their album.

Rusty Nails (Booka Shade Remix) - Moderat
Hell yes, how I love Booka Shade. They're a must see live band as well, really changed my perspective on dance music (I only really liked electro at the time, blew me away).

Speedmaster (Original Mix) - Andrea Bertolini

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