24 May 2009

HARD Deadmau5 Review

So, as anyone who reads this is probably aware, I was pretty fucking pumped for this show, and it was in no way a let down. In fact it even exceeded my expectations for how awesome it would be, and keep in mind I was driving so no other factors affecting my disposition. Here's the play by play:

First up was Destructo. This is the guy that created/runs HARD events, so I already love him. He's done a fantastic job creating an electro rave scene in LA, a gap that desperately needed to be filled, by holding giant events with incredible lineups. He played the best set I've heard him play (third time seeing him), of all great electro/fidget house tracks. The most memorable track was Get Down - Jack Beats (check out our post on Jack Beats and grab the track HERE). He wasn't doing anything really spectacular in terms of mixing/effects, but his song selection and transitions were great. He was a perfect start to the night.

Here's a video of him playing at The Avalon (couldn't find one from this night):

Then Moderat set up and started playing. Jumpman and I were actually on our way to the bathroom but immediately ran back when we realized it was Moderat and not Tiefschwarz. I cannot explain really accurately in words how amazing this show was. They played live, Apparat even sang on a few songs, in front of an incredible visual display possibly the most awesome light show ever. I couldn't help but just stand still and stare in awe. I would even catch myself with my jaw dropped, but wouldn't care to correct it because I knew it would just drop again in a matter of seconds. The music was beautiful and incredibly ravey. I guess here's what best describes just how amazing they were: during their buildups/silences,etc., the crowd would just start clapping and cheering without and egging on by the DJs (you know how DJs usually get the audience clapping by starting it themselves). They just had the audience completely overwhelmed, I even saw people in tears. I couldn't believe that Deadmau5 chose such an unbelievable opener. It was like M83 made rave music. Hopefully Jumpman will see it fit to post their album that he's been holding onto for a while now. Hopefully Jumpman will see it fit to post, period.

Found one from the Palladium:

Up next was Tiefschwarz. Poor guy, he had the worst time slot really. He had to follow one of the best live shows I've ever seen, and play right before Deadmau5, meaning that people would start Deadmau5 cheers during his set. And I have to admit I was right with the crowd. He was playing really awesome minimal house/techno, and every so often I would find myself just getting really into the tracks, but I wasn't really dancing, I was more just comprehending what I had just experienced along with getting incredibly amped for what was next. As soon as he finished his set everyone erupted into applause and pushed forward.

Tiefschwarz @ I love Techno

Deadmau5 is a god. From the moment he got on the decks to after his encore, he didn't loose the slightest bit of energy. The crowd went nuts the entire time (all 2 hours), and it was impossible to keep even a group of 2 people next to each other. I managed to work the mosh pit and make my way to the front. Great thing too, because Deadmau5 was actually interacting with the people up front, making faces and gestures to particular people (I got a thank you and a point for rocking out). There was also one time when he had come to the front of the stage to jump around a bit when he then jumped onto the table from the front side so that he could put on effects for the buildup. I have to say I really loved when he played his more progressive tracks, because it's very rare when you get to hear those types of songs played live. I'll let these videos do the talking, then try my best to remember his set list:

Here's the setlist, or my best attempt to remember it

FML (Unreleased)
Unkown + teasing Ghosts N Stuff
Ghosts N Stuff
The Reward Is More Cheese
The Reward Is Cheese x Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (A Capella)
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Remix) - Daft Punk
(*Note at this point I heard someone next to me say "Oh no, Deadmau5 has a remix of HBFS, he's gonna play that shit out so much." Hasn't that been out for 3 years now?)
Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
Unknown (Progressive Track)
Not Exactly
(I forget how many tracks happened at this point, probably 2 or something)
Unkown (Minimal Track) x I Remember (A Capella)
I Remember
Arguru (Encore)

Hi Friend was in there somewhere but I forget where.

Biggest coup of the night, managed to get Deadmau5 to sign my ticket. Had to go through THIS to get it, and yes I can see myself in that one.


Failbait - Deadmau5 *Myspace Rip
New Deadmau5 instrumental hip-hop track, the man can do no wrong.


  1. yea, I wish he had plaid slip when I saw him. Oh well. Crazy you got your ticket signed, I can see you in that picture too, flailing like a mad man to get your ticket signed.

  2. plaid is the new way to spell played.

  3. You mean you wish he played Slip at Together As One? He did.