06 April 2009

Jack Beats Off

Jack Beats are an electro/dubstep crossover duo, very similar to Foamo, from the UK that have bee making ripples in the blogosphere (I'm sorry, I'll never use that word again). It seems that the UK is doing well with the experimental/dubstep/electro/fidget/insert super specific genre term while Sweden is dominating house. Oh France, how you've fallen from grace. Well, Jack Beats make some pretty dope shit, which for me is hit and miss but the hits are fantastic. Here are my favorite tracks.

Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats 'Rinsed Out Rave' Remix) - Project Bassline
The best Jack Beats song, hands down. Fantasticly amazing, a sure banger for any electro DJ.

Get Down (Original Mix) - Jack Beats
VERY similar to Drop The Pressure, but not as good. They pretty much took the same formula and applied it to this song. However, still a great track, and definitely different enough to even be played in the same set.

Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) - AC Slater

First Jack Beats song I ever got. It's good and I was impressed but its definitely not their best.

The Kiss (Jack Beats Remix) - Kissy Sell Out
Great great great great great. I'd play this in my next set, but I still haven't had a chance to drop the Project Bassline remix.

Got U Dancing (Jack Beats Remix) - Lady Soveirgn
I was debating whether or not to put this up. It's good, but I probably wouldn't play it live.

ALSO, be on the lookout for Louis La Roche's new release that came out today, Me & Her. Otherwise, I'm sure it'll be up here shortly.

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