22 May 2009

Riot For Deadmau5

So I got to participate in a riot for Deadmau5 when his more people showed up to his free show last night at the Apple Store in Santa Monica than expected. I feel like only expecting 250 people to show up for a free show from the man voted #11 DJ in the world and one of the best producers, if not the best, around right now, was a pretty bad idea on whoever's idea this was. It was a blast banging on the glass, shouting at the cops, and being a general hooligan. Regardless, I'm getting ready to see his not free show tonight at the HARD event at the Palladium with Moderat. Here are some Deadmau5 tracks you might not have:


Slip - Deadmau5

This is the UNMIXED version from his Slip Vinyl rather than from Random Album Title, meaning that its DJ friendly. This was my first favorite Deadmau5 track.

Slip (Sebastién Léger Remix) - Deadmau5
Amazing remix. This track makes so much more sense on big speakers. Also form the Slip Vinyl. Still have yet to see Sébastien Léger live, I'm sure he's fantastic. There might be a Sébastien Léger post in order, but I fear for how massive it would be.

Bad Clock (Deadmau5 Broken Clock Remix) - Sébastien Léger

God I love this song. Very simple edit of the original, but SO much better.


  1. were you drunk when you wrote this?

  2. in my mind Michael's always drunk.

  3. hahahahaha jesus, i'm glad you didn't revise this after that first comment