05 June 2009

James Zabiela

Can you say dream gig? James Zabiela is a world renowned House/Techno (I have a lot of trouble placing him in a specific genre) DJ/producer from the UK that happens to have beastly CDJ skills and also holds the #17 spot in DJ Mag's lovely Top 100 DJ Poll (everyone should vote next year, Daft Punk deserves better). He will be at EDC saturday night on the main stage, so if you're planning on going (if you live in LA and are reading this, you obviously are), you really should take a break from the Electro stage to check this fool out. When playing live, he uses two CDJs with one of those crazy Pioneer effects things AND THEN a comp with a midi controller seperately (aka CDJs aren't running through the comp). But enough about his live show, here's what he's capable of in the studio:


Runaway (James Zabiela's Red Eye Remix) - Ladytron
My favorite thing he's got. Expertly produced down to every last detail, thats about as much as I can say, really.

Reckoner (James Zabiela's Tweezers on a Towel Rail Remix) - Radiohead
Designed for giant rooms or outdoor festivals.

Candy (James Zabiela Remix) - Spooky
The best part about all his songs are the percussion, meaning all the really cool drums that aren't just kick and snare. He just knows how to produce, thats all there really is to say.

Remind Me (James Zabielas Ingeborg Mix) - Royksopp

This one's different, most likely because its from 2002 rather than 2008 like the rest. Less housey.

The Perseverance EP - James Zabiela
His EP that I managed to grab a while back from The Piratebay. Just as awesome as his remixes. I highly recommened listening to this with your eyes close and a good pair of headphones. Masterful production, really beautiful.

Darkness EP - James Zabiela
Much darker than his other EP (hence the title I suppose), a lot more like his remixes, but still the same top notch production. Comes with an awesome remix of one of the tracks on the other EP.

Also, check out this video to viddy his horrorshow CDJ skills:

Also, we're always looking for more tracks, so if you happen to have any tracks by him that you noticed I didn't post (this is everything I got of his), please help us out and give us a link in the comments. This really goes for any of the guys we post about, we're more an aggregator than a regular blog anyways.

J's addition: No Pressure by One Plus One (Jamex Zabiela and Nic Fanuciulli)

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  1. always had huge respect for james, all round talented guy and has alot of fun behind the decks!