06 June 2009


Guess who's getting a Pioneer cdj 1000 mk3 tomorrow (I guess today now that it's 6 47 in the morning), well it's me. Found a used one in great condition and for a great price, and I'm so pumped.

But on to the main attraction:

BSOD (Better Sounding on Drugs) is the combination of Deadmau5 and Steve Duda. That should already tell anybody one thing: this stuff is awesome. I mean Deadmau5 doesn't really make anything bad, so why would this be different? I have yet to find a track that I don't like. BSOD has that Deadmau5 touch and sound but definitely with a more hardcore electro house feel (especially with the bass). I don't know if that's from Duda or if basically Deadmau5 has decided here is the side project where he makes harder hitting stuff (don't take that the wrong way, I love all of Deadmau5's stuff). At the same time, you can tell though the music is serious, they're definitely having a good time (the titles and the lyrics). Basically if you like Deadmau5: I have no idea why you would even consider passing this up. If you're ok with Deadmau5/like electro-house/like electro: download everything you possibly can.

Highly Highly Highly Recommended

That poster up there is funny, Deadmau5, BSOD Deadmau5 side project, Chris Lake who Deadmau5 works with, Sydney Blu his girlfriend, WTF? (Expect a post soon on WTF?) another Deadmau5 side project, I guess Tommy Lee sings over Dj Aero's djing?, and i'm not sure what Uniform is, but the whole lineup is definitely a mautrap.

EDIT: After a bit more research I figured out that Tommy Lee and DJ Aero are the other members of WTF?.

Not everything is 320, but this stuff was also relatively hard to find. I'm actually surprised I found so many 320s. I have one request for anybody/everybody to find, the song saws and squares. I really want it and have failed in my quest to find it, but I swear I will have it.

One more time: GET THIS SHIT.



Lollercoaster (*EDIT: IT'S JUST* Outright hilarious mix) by BSOD, This is phenomenal, my favorite track of the stuff, and definitely one of the more electro ones. If this track doesn't get you wanting everything else, I don't know what to say.

Roflcopter (Original Mix) by BSOD Second favorite, but not by far. SO fuckin cool. Still on the more electro side.

BSOD (Original Mix) by BSOD Bass, bass, bass, bass, bass, bass. Deadmau5 just has that bass sound which can carry like any song. Amazing, it's not their title track for no reason.

This is the Hook by BSOD, the first song I ever got by them, it's both funny and good.

Last Life (Original mix) by BSOD The most deadmau5 of what i've posted so far, kinda reminds me of final fantasty 7.

Choplifted (Original Mix) by BSOD I really like that kinda squeeky sound, ITS ALL FUCKING GOOD.

Sinistar by BSOD I'm gonna stop describing, they're all so fucking good.

Milton (Original mix) by BSOD

Milton (Steve Duda remix) by BSOD

A Bit Sketchy by BSOD RIght click save as

Remixes, just as good.

To the point (BSOD remix) by Chris Lake

Witch Doktor (BSOD Remix) by Armand Van Helden

Hurt (JP and BSOD Electro Mix) by Christina Aguilera

Leave me loney (BSOD Remix) by Seth Vaga feat. Maraya, for some reason i didn't notice that the aritst on this was fucked up so you're going to have to change it yourself.

Ooh La La (BSOD Remix) by Static Revenger

P.S. I'm Really Liking This Blog for House. Post a lot of shit I like/ am searching for.


  1. Oh my god. This shit is amazing.

  2. Steve Duda is the producer for Nine Inch Nails, among others. And you should say in the post what BSOD stands for.


  3. I didn't know that, and I did say in the post what it stands for.

  4. And I also want to find Lollercoater (Kinda Funny Mix)