08 June 2009

Sydney Blu

We're gonna do a little Mau5trap theme for the time being and provide you with some tracks by Sydney Blu, otherwise known as Deadmau5' girlfriend. However, she ain't no Yoko, as she actually can make a track and apparently spins a damn good set. Is she the best producer? Well, she barely has any original material at the moment, and she may have gotten a little help from behind the scenes, but all that means is another Deadmau5 track, and that's always a plus. Besides, how many female House DJs are there, especially ones that play awesome electro house rather than just sing the same shit on the next David Guetta track?


Give It Up For Me (Original Mix) - Sydney Blu
Sounds like Deadmau5.

Give It Up For Me (Deadmau5 Remix) - Sydney Blu
This one sounds a little bit more like Deadmau5, for obvious reasons. Probably best track in this post.

Senses And The Mind (Original Mix) - Sydney Blu

I love the sample in this one, but it's not as good as the remix.

Senses And The Mind (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) - Sydney Blu
Much better constructed and DJ friendly. Ideally for a rave crowd, pretty Minimal but still Electro House. Second best track in this post.
*Change name in song from Oliver to Olivier

Sleeping Awake (Original Mix) - Matteo Dimarr & Sydney Blu
Minimal track, really awesome. Not very Deadmau5y at all, most likely because its already a collaboration.

Panic Attack (Original Mix) - Matteo Dimarr & Sydney Blu

Same style and from the same EP as above track, but I'd rather play the other one live. This one's a bit more progressive with the build.

Body Crash (Global Deejays Remix) - Buy Now
Best remix of this song out there without a question. You WILL love this. Still looking for the original if anyone happens to have it.

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