08 June 2009

Feed Me Cheese Please!

Feed Me is an awesome Electro House DJ/producer from London on the Mau5trap label that we've featured on this blog as a bonus before, but now he's back. Really hard hitting and crowd pleasing stuff, you'll want to include him in your next set for sure. This guy should really start touring.



Knights Of Cydonia (Feed Me Remix) - Muse
Wow. If this doesn't destroy your crowd, whether you're playing college, club, rave, or whatever, then I really don't know what will. That crowd probably wants Lil' Wayne or some shit.

If You Knew (Feed Me Remix) - Chris Lake Feat Nastala
Housey with an awesome Electro bass and some cool glitchy sounds every so often. Great track. Expect a Chris Lake post in the very near future during this little Mau5trap streak. Cheers to Stoneyroads for the track, I had to email them for it.

Until I Die (Feed Me Remix) - September

I had no idea who September was about two weeks ago, but now I'm seeing her name pop up a lot of places. I guess she's trying to make a comeback and part of that is getting some awesome remixers. This track is epic as hell.


The Spell - Feed Me

This is the track I posted as a bonus before, still just as awesome. Pure Electro, reminds you why you love it.

Raw Chicken - Feed Me


Mordez Moi - Feed Me
God this guy fucking kicks ass

B.R.U.L. - Noisia
This was the B Side on the EP with Mordez Moi. Definitely worth checking out, a little more on the hardcore.

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