09 June 2009


EDIT: I guess that's supposed to be Mr. WTF. He is my idol so please don't say anything mean about him, as I wish to someday be him (plastic surgery though I sort of look like him already). Continuing with our little Mau5trap posts, I'm here to talk about WTF? So who the fuck, are WTF? Well it consists of Deadmau5, Steve Duda, Dj Aero, and Tommy Lee. Unlike BSOD, this stuff is definitely less hardcore and more typical Deadmau5. But that's of course just a plus for us. At the end of the day, it's Deadmau5, why would you pass this up? It's all good, and there's not much of it (but this is all of it, I checked beatport), all 320.


Redic (original Mix) by WTF?

CEABA555555 (Original Mix) by WTF?

Chicken (Original Mix) by WTF?

You Can't Afford This by WTF?


  1. The picture aint working on my computer, unfortunately, just showing the words "img.moonbuggy.org"
    Sounds like a fucked up picture too.


  2. damn the picture stopped working for some reason...I Guess I'll change it