25 May 2009

To Hell With Gravity

Just A Band just recently released their newest EP, To Hell With Gravity, and I just got my hands on it and listened through it, so I figured I'd put it up here. If you're not familiar with Just A Band, check out our old but fairly recent post on them HERE to get a bio / grab lots of tracks. My faith in electro has just been getting stronger and stronger recently, makes me happy.


Bulletproof (Just A Band Remix) - La Roux
Not on the EP, but AMAZING nonetheless and brand new. Don't think I can say its better than the Foamo remix (LINK), but I really do love this one. J will probably like it more, I'm just still going through Fidget phase.

And now for the EP

To Hell With Gravity - Just A Band
Epic and beautiful. Total banger with great buildups/drops. Definitely reminiscent of The Bloody Beetroots in that way.

To Hell With Gravity (StereoHeroes Remix) - Just A Band
Not quite as epic as the original, more just straight up electro.

In Anima Vili - Just A Band
Not as dancey as their other stuff, but definitely a fantastic track. This was the track that they let leak before this EP's release.

Drop It To The Floor (TADT Baby Pop Remix Final) - Machines Don't Care
The bass frequency is so low, only whales can hear it.
TADT // Machines Don't Care

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  1. I found In Anima Vili recently on another blog and have been begging for more JAB, so THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH

    great post