11 May 2009

They're just a band...I mean who really cares....

Well I definitely care. I love Just A Band, and when I originally got their stuff, went on a rampage to find more. I got both of their Eps quickly and love both of them. For some reason, in my mind I've always put Just a Band in the same category as Miami Horror, I think that's because I was listening to the two at the same time earlier in the year. They're definitely more electro then Miami horror, but I can see some similarities for some odd reason. Don't ask me why.

Just a Band is a DJ duo consisting Tom Deluxx and Stella from Bordeaux, France. Nice to see some great stuff still coming out of France. Their music noticeably has that very grungy kind of a gurgling voice in most of the songs (for both their voices and their basses). Their stuff kinda reminds me of older Mstrkrft, and especially the song the looks. Very electro, and as we've been distancting ourselves from electro, I can honestyly these say these guys give me hope for electro! Their new ep teaser on their myspace sounds fantastic. These guys really are on a roll, and I don't know what is going to stop them. But I do have one song from it:

In Anima Vili by Just A Band In no way a banger, but it's still pretty amazing. Very well produced, with tons of sounds flying around your head at the same time. Would be a great closer to the EP, gotta love the arppegiator.

In no particular order here are tons of songs by them:

We'll start with the remixes, the general trend seems to be not bad, but their original production is better:

Belmondo (Just A Band remix) by Alex Gopher
Alex Gopher is a great producer and has been around for a long time. I'll probably do a big Alex Gopher post at some point. But, Just A Band took a crack at the song Belmondo, and man did they destroy. This is the first song I ever heard by Just A band, and it is still probably my favorite. So catchy.

Anna Log (Just A Band remix) by Pfunkt, pretty damn good, definitely worth taking a listen.

Falling Rockets (Just A Band Remix) by Cicada, Good song, better then the remixes below, but I admit it did not stay in my favorites playlist for the longest time.
*M loves this remix

I might argue that the Moulinex remix of falling rockets is better, though very different. Get it here

Curse Words (Just A Band Remix) by Tom Deluxx, remixing themselves. It's good, in no way their best, but interesting and worth a listen. I'm not sure when this came out, but if it came out before the song, Girls Get Down, you can really see that they were heading to create it.

Drugs in My Body (Just A Band Remix) by Thieves Like Us Kinda boring, but not bad. The twelves remix blows this out of the water.

Awake Since 78' (Just A Band Remix) by Acid Jacks
Not bad.

Originals, must better in my opinion:

Burn it Out! EP, the better of the Two Eps, i'm posting the whole thing I think:
NOTE: I figure out that my Eps were wrong, and two songs were mixed up. The Album for Girls Get Down should be the Burn it Out! EP.

Burn it Out Ep Medley by Just A Band, A very well done EP medley. They seem to be good at such medleys.

Burn it Out! by Just A Band A classic. I mean, it's brilliant, takes all the aspects of Just A Band's sound and perfects it.

Burn it Out! (Djedjotronic remix) by Just A Band Great remix. Djedtronic doesn't lose the fantastic element of the original and yet completely makes it his own. Worthy of much praise.

For more Djedtronic check our fomer post.

Vulgar Display by Just A Band There is nothing bad on this EP, let's be honest.What a crazy song. Electro at it's best.

Girls Get Down by Just A Band This has gone down as one of my favorite electo songs of all time. It's kinda cheesy, but it's so catchy, and in my book that's good. While the Belmondo remix is my favorite, this is definitely the song that defines the greatness of Just A Band.

Not part of the EP but a pretty good remix of Burn it out:
Burn It Out (THIS/Is remix) by Just A band

We Are! EP I might call it ravier? This is their first EP, it came out before the above one. You can definitely see how they became what they are today, and I definitely appreciate this EP. NOTE: aarghh!! has the wrong EP name, sorry bout that.

Aarghh!! by Just A Band I can't put my foot on what this sounds like. Good song though.

Walk on Down by Just A Band Be paitient with this one, I feel like it gets much better after like the 2 min mark. Really cool drop.

We are... by Just A Band overall a great song, but nothing compared to anything on the other EP. The intro to this song really reminds me of another song, but I can't put my finger on it.

We are... (The shoes remix) by Just A Band, I do love the intro to this song. Pretty good remix. Check the Shoes out on myspace, they're pretty good.

I recommend supporting these guys on Beat Port, however, if I find the new EP which is supposed to come out soon, i'll probably post it as it sounds awesome.

I'll do a search on Tom Deluxx and post some tracks if he's any good solo, I have two tracks which aren't bad, so we'll see.

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