11 May 2009

I Miss The Bloody Beetroots

The Bloody Beetroots used to be the shit. I remember when I first heard their remix of The Toxic Avenger, I flipped a shit. These guys defined Electro to me for a long time, and in a way still do. But now that they've joined Dim Mak and become all buddy buddy with Steve Aoki and have just gotten lazy. But let us remember them as they were. Here's a collection of my favorite tracks of theirs before the release of Cornelius, which I view as the big turning point (funny too because that's the only track of theirs I actually bought). I may have fucked up and put one or two of their post Cornelius tracks in accidentally, but that's only because it happens to be good enough to be included in this list. Some of the tracks are bangers that are designed to destroy dance floors, some are covers of classical pieces, and some are just plain fucking beautiful. Here's to some of the greatest Electro producers that we'll ever get the pleasure of listening to.

Classic Bloody Beetroots (50 Tracks)
*Tracks are in alphabetical order
NOT in order of awesomeness
Zipped (50 Tracks)

And you just gotta love when they make voices super high pitched so they sound like chipmunks.