12 May 2009

Time to go through the Arvenuous mist

After our mishap with the Killing in the name of remix in our former post and on Too Many Sebastians' recommendation, I decided to post on Arveene and Misk. Arveene and Misk are an Irish dj duo consisting of Arveene and Misk aka Phil Byrne. Arveene has been around for 10 years djing clubs in Ireland and Misk used to be a part of breakbeat duo Splitloop. I first took note of Arveene and Misk when they earned themselves a place on Mr. Oizo's Pourriture Ep, something I very deeply respect.

According to their Myspace this is what Misk looks like:
And this is what Arveene looks like:

This isn't bumping electro, it's more really cool, calm, and collected stuff, that is well produced. All their tracks really do range quite a bit though. It has the sounds of electro, with some electro house breaks, but is definitely more ravey. I see why Oizo used them, very choppy and multilayered in many ways. I feel like a lot of these songs get a lot better after you reach the halfway point. The thing I've really noticed is that there are period of chaotic craziness in the songs, but they really are only a short part of the song.

Business Acumen (Arveene and Misk Remix) by In Flagranti, might be my favorite song of theirs.

Battle Scars Gallactica by Arveene and Misk Really like this song, definitely shows their more ravey side.

Fashion Feelings (Arveene and Misk Remix) by DK7 Cool song, certain parts of it really get me.

Be With You (Arveene and Misk Remix) by Directors Starts off real cool, and ends all chaotic, great.

Mad At You (Arveene and Misk Remix) by The Glass There are parts of this song, which could be lines by themselves, but also serve as really cool breaks. A short period of chaos, surrounded by calm, but still real chill.

Shadow Run (Arveene and Misk remix) by Huskey Rescue Fantastic Song, the main line could be turned into such a good rave line.

Funnily enough the Oizo's are my least favorite.

Erreur Jean (Arveene and Misk Remix) by Mr. Oizo It's pretty good, basically an edit, but I would play the orignial without a doubt. At least they didn't ruin the song, but it's basically the same.

Gay Dentist (Arveene and Misk's Stright Gyno Edit) by Mr. Oizo Just not that impressive. Definitely my least favorite of everything. I mean at least they don't butcher the song, but at the same time there is no point playing this instead of the oringial. I understand that its an edit but the fact remains that much of what they do I could probably do live while djing: rearranging the song, adding echo, looping certain parts. I don't understand the use of this edit...

Hells Bells by Arveene and Misk, This song definitely feels like the raviest of the bunch, really like it, especially the breakdown. Might have overtaken the Business Acumen as my favorite.

Go to our mishap, linked above, for their great remix of Killing in the name of.

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