10 March 2009

I Love Moulinex

There's really not much to be said...Moulinex is awesome. There is an awesome song on his myspace that I don't have called Lover in Me. If anybody has it or can find it, I swear to god you will receive some sort of gift in return. I would rather not have to rip this from myspace. I don't think it's actually out, beatport didn't have it either.

The song that got me into Moulinex: Break Chops by Moulinex highly recommended

Mission Complete (Moulinex Remix) by Kap10Kurt Best Moulinex Remix

Jesus was a B-Boy (Moulinex Remix) by Ben Mono

Somebody, Somewhere (moulinex Remix) by Cazals highly recommended

Kilometer (Moulinex Remix) by Sebatian Tellier highly recommended

Fantasy Park (Moulinex Remix) by College Feat. Anoraak Pretty Good, the part where he is playing that voice extremely is really cool, definitely the best part of the song.

Lights and Music (Moulinex Remix) by Cut Copy Pretty Fucking Cool

Falling Rockets (Moulinex Remix) by Cicada

Come on Closer (Pineapples cover) by Moulinex Feat. Iris Maria
I have mixed feelings about this song

D.I.S.C.O. Texas Theme (Digitalfoxglove Remix) by Moulinex ---Not bad, but I would rather have the original

Down and Out by Moulinex

I'll throw in a Louis La Roché because I would also like to have his remix of Lover in Me, the song I was talking about above.

Be Brave by Louis La Roché

EDIT: Some stuff I forgot to put on (There's also a few remixes I'm missing):

Leisure Suit by Moulinex Highly Recommended

BMX (Moulinex remix) by Xinobi Great Track. Xinobi owns the record label Moulinex is on. It's worth saying that Xinobi also remixed Break Chops. The original Break Chops sounds similar to this BMX so I think it's fair to say we can see when Xinobi puts in his influence.

You Should be Someone Else (Moulinex Remix) by When Saints Go Machine Quickly becoming one of my favorite Moulinex tracks. EDIT: the track above with the same name had the wrong artist.

My Name is Legion (Moulinex Remix) by Turboweekend
Not bad, but there's a bass sound in this which is really just getting to me.


  1. awe-some post, alot if didn't have
    but aw, come on closer's one of my favoritesss

  2. Wow, so many mixes I have not (yet)! Thanks a lot !