26 May 2009

Everyone Loves Procrastination

Procrastination from the bay area is back to lay down your dose of electro, psytance, and awesome synth lines for the day. Why he insists on using an iDJ, I'll never understand, but his strength is clearly in his production so who gives a shit anyways.


Misrlou - Procrastination
Awesome Isreali psytrance track and remix of a surf classic. You'll love the sample during the first breakdown as well as the crazy synth solo at 3:05. The best part of this track is the great production value.

Single Ladies (Procrastination Remix) - Beyonce

More for the electro / hip-hop fans. Shows his versatility, especially in contrast to the first track.

Please Don't Stop the Phantom (Justice vs. Rihanna) - Procrastination
(Right Click, Save)
Yeah, he does mashups too. This one in particular is really well done.

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