18 May 2009


Here's some great throwback tracks for yall. Modjo is a French House duo composed of producer Romain Tranchart and singer Yann Destagnol. These guys are just fucking classic. I wish I had more of their stuff, but its pretty hard to find.


Chillin' - Modjo
Really digging this track at the moment. Fantastic sample. This is a shining example of what French House is. Grab a great remix by The Buffalo Bunch that we posted HERE.

Lady - Modjo
You have heard this song before. It was released in 2000 and was on the top charts for many countries, even reached #1 in the UK. French House rules.

Lady (Tom Reason Remix) - Modjo
I've posted this before, but I've been coming back to this sucker again and again. Fantastic electro house rendition, highly recommended.

Found their album, you can grab it HERE.

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