18 May 2009

Dear Jumpman

I'm sure that collecting stars, saving Peach, fighting off Bowser, and plumbing are all very time consuming, but here's what on your to do list:

Go to our Nostalgia post (HERE) and fill in the writings that you never did please.

Also, please post on the following people:
Edu K
Gigi Barocco
And why not pick a French House artist? Like Sedat or something. Blogs need more French House.


P.S. Try searching Mickey Moonlight on Google, I think you'll be pleased.

P.S.S. To anyone else who's reading this, if you have any requests for artists you'd like us to do a post on, just mention in the comments and we'll get on it.


  1. school work guys, i really would, but it's unlikely i can catch up on these posts until tomorrow