19 May 2009

Widdle Me This

The Widdler is a dubtep producer from New Jersey who makes really dark but hard hitting tracks. His music is NUTS. Just check out this youtube video of his track where he samples The Shining (NOTE his other tracks are not nearly as terrifying and are much more danceable, and you should also have speakers/headphones with adequate bass):

According to his myspace, he produces with Reason and DJs with Traktor.


Lady Dub (Original Mix) - The Widdler
My favorite of the bunch. Great reggae feel.

Sensi Samurai (Original Mix) - The Widdler

More craziness

Final Stage - The Widdler
Very appropirate title, since he uses chipy noises and some video game voice samples.

Bust U In Da I (Widdler Remix) - Claire Hux

Froggy Style - The Widdler

Some really crazy/cool sounds in this one, partially why he calls is Froggy Style.

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