20 May 2009

Decemberists In May

I am not a fan of The Decemberists, which you can probably guess very easily given the kinds of stuff I post on this blog. That said, I got an invitation along with a free ticket to see them tonight that I clearly had to accept, and I must say that I was blown away. I don't really go for 'emotional rock,' and I just tend to hear vocals as just another instrument in the mix and let the music do the talking. I have never been to a show or see a band play like these guys. I know you're probably thinking:

"Of course not, M, because the shows you go to are full of candy kids with pupils as big as their wide open, gaping mouths."

And yes, you're right, those are the concerts I tend to frequent. But as they played through their newest album for their first set, I couldn't help but find myself completely drawn into their music. They music had incredible transistions that would abrubtly change tempo and bpm but so naturally, and they would bring back musical and lyrical motifs. It was just incredible. They came back for a second set where they played their earlier work, which was good but I definitely enjoyed their first set more. Here's a review my friend wrote of their most recent album (LINK), as well as a download link if you're curious to hear it (LINK).

It also happened to be the same venue where I shall see Deadmau5 and Moderat in a few days. I'm sure I'll enjoy that more.



We're going to be featuring another interview with a guy that has also been featured on this blog very soon, we're just finalizing the questions and about to send them off. HINT: He's playing at Electric Daisy Carnival.


  1. Well, I listen to this shit, and I really like the decemberists. Of course you were blown away, they're great.


  2. Haha, I know who gave you that ticket.

    -the other M