20 May 2009


Jared Paul is a hip-hop producer that goes to my school and does a lot of collaborations with WordSmith. These are the guys I opened for Brother Ali with. Well, I recently acquired a mashup album Mr. Paul made in which he mashes every song from Ratatat's Classics in order. It's fantastic. The mashups are the exact kind of mashups I enjoy and try to make, aka, the ones that really make sense and last longer than Girl Talk's ADD ones. He really spent the time to find raps that really worked over these songs, and I really recommend this album, its a great alternative to those incredible Ratatat Remix albums.

Ratatashups - Jared Paul

Also, if you're interested in his other productions, you should definitely go check out an interview he did with Are You Here To Confuse Me, which you can see HERE. AYHTCM also interviewed Bastille, so you can check that out HERE. And here's a fantastic collaboration between Wordsmith and Jared Paul.

Book Of - WordSmith
Fucking beautiful. He samples a folk song to amazing effect. The chorus kills me every time.

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