21 May 2009

Acapellas Galore

This post is mostly for the other half of Bastille, but any DJs out there might wanna listen up too. I've been doing my research on finding acapellas and well, I've come to find quite a few great sites and a bunch of acapellas. I'm not going to post all the acapellas I found, but I will say a few sites where we should both post acapellas we find, and request those we want. More importantly, we need to learn how to isoalte voices better, that's the real lesson here, but until then, let's be content with searching for acapellas.
Acapellas4u : Here's a site where you can get a bunch of acapellas. Really great collection. Unfortunately you only get 5 free downloads a month and can't request any acapellas. However, you get one extra acapella download for every acapella you put up which isn't on the site. Worth it.

BlackLabelled :This site is better in some ways. The collection isn't as big, that's for sure, however, it lets you download as many as you want without uploading any. It also lets you request acapellas, but first we have to do 10 posts, but that really shouldn't be that bad. It's worth posting on this site until we can isolate our own shit.

Here's something I know the other half of Bastille will be happy to see I found:

Electric Bloom (Acapella) by Foals, it was obviously isolated because you can hear the backing track a very tiny bit, but it's so slight that putting anything else over it should drown it out.

Or something which I downloaded which is really funny:

Dark Side of the Moon Acapellas

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