03 May 2009


Djedjotronic is an electro house producer from Paris, France and is on Boys Noize Records, or the new kings of dance music. He's strange, like a lot of other artists on the label, but has been producing some incredibly awesome tracks proving that he deserves his spot on possibly the most exciting label right now. Here be the tracks:

Ghetto Girl - Djedjotronic
His newest / most electro house track. Got this from Too Many Sebastians.

Dirty & Hard - Djedjotronic
The first track of his I heard since it was featured on BNR Vol 1. Very strange, doesn't sound like his other tracks as much, but has one of the best vocal hooks out in my opinion.

Gum Attack - Djedjotronic
Already posted this a while back, but here it is again if you happened to miss it. This track is the opposite of lazy, as he never repeats himself.

Underground (Djedjotronic & Busy P Remix) - Das Pop
Mmm, LFO.

Restless (Djedjotronic & Busy P Remix) - UNKLE
Cool that he works with Busy P, since it gives us hope that Ed Banger isn't totally dead yet. Sort of reminds me of the Justice remix of ZZT.

Worried (Djedjotronic Remix) - Birdy Nam Nam
This one's hardcore, and his weirder side really shows.

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  1. Jumpman (too lazy to log in)May 3, 2009 at 4:34 PM

    awesome post id been interested to hear more from him since i first heard his song Farandole, which is absolutely fantastic its like badass siriusmo stuff.
    in response to "gives us hope that ed banger isn't totally dead yet", they got a new feadz ep coming out, so this to is another hope