01 May 2009


This post is not directly about self proclaimed demi-god, Mr. Aoki, but rather about a blog that loves him. Mike Pinkham, my buddy at school from Paris itself, showed me a blog that his friend runs, called Maximal Minimal, and gave me the link to one of his mixes. I actually don't even know his name. This kid has interviewed a few members of Dim Mak, including Aoki himself along with the notorious Bloody Fucking Beetroots. I've been listenting to his mix, and I must say I'm impressed. This kid would get a dance party bumping. He's not the riskiest DJ, but he spins bangers and fidget very effectively. Prepare to hear all of the recent Bloody Beetroots tracks and some of the stuff they spun in their I Love Techno set, along with some of your favorite Fake Blood bombs. I'd definitely have him come play here except I think he lives in France. Well, if you're interested check out the mix:

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