03 May 2009

Jean Elan May Not Be The Best Looking Guy...

But that doesn't keep him from producing great electro house. Hell, it's not like looks kept Trentemøller from doing his thing, right? Jean Elan, hailing from the ever so popular Germany, at least as this blog is concerned at the moment, is another fantastic producer that was introduced to me by Swehouse. If I had to group him, I'd say that he'd fit in best with fellow countrymen Klaas and Spencer & Hill.

I Stand Alone (Jean Elan Remix) - Voodoo & Serano feat. Plastic Inc
You'll shit your pants during the first buildup.

Shake Me (Original Mix) - Jean Elan
The hook in this song is such an interesting sound, I can't fucking get it out of my head. Ravey track.

Shake Me (Elan's Club Mix) - Jean Elan
More epic sounding, in that triumphant sort of way.

Partouze (Jean Elan Remix) - Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso
Catchy and dancey.

Canonball (Jean Elan Remix) - Dinka

Got a little tech house influence and very trancey over all.

Where's Your Head At (Klaas Remix) - Jean Elan
I guess Jean Elan tried to make a remix of Basement Jaxx and from what I've read he failed. Klaas comes in to save the day, sticking the track through his Klaas machine to make another song that sames the sound as all his others, yet you love the sound so much that you don't care that much.

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