03 May 2009


Dan Gaetta (trans-world sailor extraordinaire) was once one of the coolest sounds coming of wham city next to Deacon himself, the cartoon cat-suit wearing Baltimore based purveyor of 'Candy Crunk', the perfect union of b-more, rainbowy 8-Bit, and Dirty South Rap. If you still don't get what that may sound like, the blog Rainbowtrash! probably best described him and his sound: "OCDJ sounds like he stormed the ghetto, painted it bright pink, and replaced every thug's gun with an ice-cream cone, and everyone was waaaaaay into it." He released one official LP entitled 'Hooray' in 2007 on  Wildfire Wildfire Records (which is an awesome experimental label.) He had self-released an album entitled Pins and Things and had planned to release a third album, but unfortunately Dan abruptly decided to leave the world of music for a life of adventure on the high seas, and these unreleased albums have been lost with time. His DJ show was apparently awesome, ive seen some clips online, it did look pretty cool. Anyways check it out, its really a lot of fun>>

OCDJ - Pls Stp Th Hstl (If for some reason the link provided does not work check comments for alt link)


  1. The OCDJ bonus track link doesn't work.

  2. Ok, don't believe me, but if you'd like me to listen to this track, I suggest you re-up.

  3. I've tried a bunch of times and keep getting this

  4. well, ive tried it multiple times and it works, ive redownloaded the track using that link jsut now, i dont really know what to tell you, ill get a link from somewhere else i guess, but really i dont know why its not working for you

  5. yo direct download from here:

  6. I saw OCDJ play live three times. I was obsessed with him. Ask Julien how much I like dis dude right here. Candy Crunk.