22 June 2011

Wax Monsters

I'm extremely proud introduce some more underground shit to y'all.  Wax Monsters are dreamy Synth Pop group from Oberlin College.  Following in the trail of guys like Teengirl Fantasy, they've been starting to pick up steam with the release of their new self-titled EP.  I've been in contact with one of the members for a while, so I've had to opportunity to hear his sound evolve.  And I gotta say, I was blown away with this EP.  You've got the Synth Pop elements, along with some clear influences from more experimental producers like Baths and Daedelus.  So, if you're into music that makes you feel happy and like you're a child again, definitely cop this.


My personal favorite on the EP.  I was sold the first time I heard the sample come in at 26 seconds, but then the track just evolves and builds into this beautiful feeling, similar to the happiness you had as a child content to just be running around in the sun.  The sample use is incredible.

This would be the whole EP.

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