18 June 2011

Market Price

I like my dance music how I like my Fatty Tuna.  By the end of this post, you will too.  Introducing Market Price, a brand new duo comprised of Goj!ra and Valentino with one of the freshest original Moombahton productions you can find.  Furthermore, Goj!ra lays down one of the best live DJ sets I've ever seen.  This is some real live up and coming shit right here in LA, and you heard it here first, which makes me cool right?  What would the DJs be without us bloggers.  Nothing.  They should pay us for giving out their tracks.


Market Price - Talk Trash (Original Mix) by Market Price
Huge.  I actually can't wait to drop this.

KALAMARI [Summer Mix '11] by Market Price
Here's that excellent mixing I was talking about.  Get fuckin hyphy fools.

P.S. gLAdiator is playing at the Standard in Hollywood tonight, if you live in LA you should roll through to hear another big up and comer in the Moombah scene.  Check the facebook event here.  It's 21+, so skinny bitches get out we don't want no skinny bitches.

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