17 June 2011


Hey, Jane!  Gettin' a tampon?


Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) - Deepeche Mode (Golden Banana)
This drop, if experienced on a proper system, will result in a case of incurable insanity.

Don't Stop - The Subs (Silver Banana)
Seriously fun and dancey House music.

Smack Your Bitch Up - Benga
Dubstep. Yeah, it's kinda like that. That said, this is the subbier kind, not the BWAAAAA kind.

Masta Blasta (Original Mix) - Dillon Francis
I'm sure this is ooold news, but here's some moar moombahton for those in need.

Hate To Wait (Original Mix) - D-Nox, Beckers
Techno, a little more on the relaxed side.  It would still kill at a rave if played correctly, I have faith.

Till The World Ends (Bloody Beetroots Extended Remix) - Britney Spears
Hey, it's not horrible.  Still not up to '08 standards, but I like this one a lot.  Pretty.

Synrise (Mumbai Science Remix) - Goose
Crazy Techno on the Electro side with an AWESOME buildup.

Multiply Me (Ado Total Rerererecall Mix) - Ado
He made some Electro House with this one, I prefer the original though.

Fire Extinguisher  - Boy 8-Bit
UK Funky anyone?

Still Dre (Tenko & Funkstar Moombahton Remix) - Dr. Dre
Yup, somebody gone and moombahdone it.

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