20 June 2011


Every single noun and verb in that sentence totally arouses me.


Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix) - MixHell (Golden Banana)
Let's go Techno!

For Your Love 2011 (Stefano Noferini Remix) - Chocolate Puma ft Colonel Red (Silver Banana)
Dancey ass House mix of a classic Yardbirds track.  I fucking love this.  Disco side of things.

El Cuco - Nerd Rage & Sluggo
Moombahton, or I guess they call this stuff Moombahcore.  Heavy beats at 108, get your Latin on.

Zzafrika (Marseille Remix) - ZZT
Electro Techno.  Gotta love it.

Storm (Electrixx Remix)  - Vincent Vega
Just straight Techno from these guys, totally new direction for them.  It's pretty awesome.

Shottas (Alvaro Remix) - Munchi feat. Mr. Lexx
Major Lazer, is that you?

Nobody's Perfect (Netsky Remix) - Jessie J
Melodic Drum & Bass, do they call it Progressive?

Life's A Bitch (Original Mix) - Olav Basoski
Dutch Tech House from one of my current favorites.

Lootin' 92 (Original Mix) - 12th Planet & SPL

Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack Dub Mix) - Snoop Dogg
Pop/Progressive/Electro/Dutch/Club.  There's even some traces of Acid in there.

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