03 April 2011

The Luther Burger

Vandrosstache, a stretch, perhaps, but it is there...
Mo' Funky!!!

Rly creates a sublimely drunken kilter and swagger in this remix of a classic, jb=chunes, always

Amazing afro/tribal tune, dubbel dutch rly knows how to bring the serious Funky

always bringing the perfect balance of the tribal/pop/garage, amazing productions, every time

UK remix of an LA funky banger, big stuff

Dubsteppers taking a crack at Funky with glorious results, dancehall party vibes

fun, quirky, housey and tribal, loooooooooove dis one, smoove bass

On the techier side, a hard, entrancing, bass number


  1. I love this site more than you guys know. Lately I have been unable to play any of the music you post in most of my primary programs. Are the files possibly corrupt? DRM protection?

    I'll continue visiting for the great tunes, just would appreciate it if you guys would look into this. Thanks :D

  2. hmmm this is quite the predicament, ill try n figure dis out

  3. Songs working perfect for me.....

  4. Wish I could say the same man. I'll keep trying to figure it out so that you guys can keep with the blogging! Keep the music churning! :)