30 March 2011

John Oats

My dream stache come true, ooh ooh.


NYE Chicago Bulls Intro Remix - Pretty Lights (GOLDEN BANANA)
This is how you start a motherfucking set.

Nimbus (Original Mix) - DJ DLG (Silver Banana)
Word up to Electrogressive Hau5!

Out Of My Head (Libex Dream Mix) - Gramophonedzie (Silver Banana)
Gotta dance your ass off to this House track.  Disco flavor.

True Believer (Feat Metrik And Phetsta) (Phetsta Dubstep Mix) - Shock One
Heavy ass Dubstep, you won't be dissapointed if this is your steez.

Time Ft Delilah (Queb Remix) - Chase & Status
Speaking of Dubstep, one of the better remixes I heard of this track that's flooding them cloudysounds.  Give Queb some love.

Yeah Ha (Heartik Remix) - Saeed Younan
Tech House?  OLESDOIT.

Awooga (Original Mix) - Calvin Harris
Progressive House.  Not as good as I'm Not Alone in my opinion, he trie to be more straight up ravey.  I think he does a better pop hook.

Jay Fay Riddim - Jay Fay
Strictly percussion House.  Could easily fit into a Tech, Dutch, Baltimore, or UK Funky set.

Born This Way (Zedd Remix) - Lady Gaga
One of the heroes of Complextro earning his nod from Gaga herself?  Or at least her promo team.

Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix) - Daft Punk
One of the other take away tracks from the Tron remix album.  Glitch Hopy.  This would work perfect with the acapella from I <3 U So - Cassius, someone make that bootleg, I'll post it.

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