29 March 2011

Theodore Roosevelt

American stache


The Biscuit (Original Mix) - Uppermost (GOLDEN FUCKING BANANA)
Jesus christ.  Electro House at it's best.  This is what I wish more complextro stuff sounded like.  It's not just a giant barrage of shit in your face for the entire song, it's got fucking swagger.  It has life.  It also slows down to hip hop tempo and speeds up again.

Chickflick (Boris Dlugosch Remix) - Zombie Nation (Silver Banana)
Electro Techno anyone?

Riots (Original Mix) - Jeremy Olander (Silver Banana)
This is Eric Prydz's protege, and I fucking love Eric Prydz in a obsessive schoool girl kind of way.  Progressive House seriously bordering Tech.

Feel So Free (Original Mix) - Smooth
Drum & Bass.  When you need the speed.

Super Awesesome LFO's Bro - St. Andrew
^Super Awesome.  Techno that turns into Electro Techno.  I should look into these guys more.

Places - Shlohmo
Beautiful beat music coming from Los Angeles (or maybe San Francisco, can't remember where's he at now).

The Lurker (Original Mix) - Psycatron

One Look (Axwell vs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Instrumental Mix) - David Tort Feat. Gosha
Big collab here, but not a lot of press (nor one of their best).  Progressive House.

Buzz Me (Rework 2011 Master) - Felguk
An update on one of their awesome tracks.  I'll still always love this kind of Electro House more than the wave of Complextro happening right now, which got way too stale way too fast.

Aura (David Mayer & Keinemusik Remix) - Sante & Re.you
Unique House track, not sure where I stumbled upon this.  It's interesting, that's for sure.  Definitely wouldn't play it.

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  1. We are in serious need for someone to make an AWB t-shirt. Someone artistic please make one so that I can give you my money.

    You guys rock!