28 March 2011

Lando Calrissian

"Trust me" stache


Kids (Original Club Mix) - Stefano Noferini (Golden Banana)
Great house track, very standard formula but the line is super catchy and danceable.  Heard this dropped by Gary at HARD Weekend.

Song For Lisa (Benny Benassi Mix) - The Japanese Popstars (Silver Banana)
The Benny Benassi machine is what it is because sometimes it works great.  This is one of those examples.  Electro House on the Prog side.

Guacha (Broad Rush Remix) - SON OF KICK ft. Natalia Clavier (Silver Banana)
Woah.  Drumstep anyone?

HR 8938 D Cephei (Original Extended Mix) - Deadmau5
New sweeping/epic over 10 min Progressive House track from the Mau5.  Not too special, but he's great at what he does.  Held #1 one Beatport for a while, last I checked it's fallen to #2 under the new Tiesto/Mark Knight collab.

Too Long (French Government Be Awesome Edit) - Daft Punk
French Government just put out a bunch of Edits/Remixes, all of which I believe will be posted eventually.  God I love House music.

The Lurker (Electric Rescue Remix) - Psycatron
Gotta love Techno.  I think Minimal Techno has got to be the genre with the least blog love.

Tomorrow (Taped Mix) - Dada Life, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Tara McDonald
Electro House.  I'll be honest, I was expecting a little more from this collab, but its still a good track.

So in Debt (Original Mix) - Tube & Berger
HOUSE MUSIC WOOO.  Simple backing beat with chopped samples.  This is Beatport House.

Sucker Punch (Thrusher Remix) - Gtronic
The winner of his remix competition.  Electro on the complextro side.

Swastika Eyes (Spectre Mix) - Primal Scream
Not to be confused with Spektre.  This is some old school EDM.  I labeled it Trance due to the fast tempo, but it probably isn't.  Could be Techno, any thoughts?  I'm all for open genre debates.

I've been getting a lot of DMCA complaints.  Just a reminder that if this blog disappears into the oblivion, we've got a back up blog at apeswithbarrels.wordpress.com, so check there for updates.

I accidentally labeled a lot of tracks as Progessive House rather than Progressive House for a long time.  Check your iTunes and please fix it for everyone's sake, especially if you're trying to reblog.

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  1. WOAH! Swastika Eyes was NOT something I expected to see! Been a huge fan since I heard it in Football Factory years back ha. Very nice.