04 April 2011

Future Garage Showcase

fresh 'stache...fresh as this batch of Future Garage tracks,

Great sample, beautiful chords, deep drop, and skipping drums; this ones already a classic

Very elegaic, nostalgic, or time out of time-y, some'n along those lines

Great garage-y pitchraised Soul vocals and an undeniable beat to match,

Deep/must-listen stuff, classically beautiful chords & percolating rhythms

Back of the club, getting lost in the music material, haunting vocals

Geez, garage is back in a big way, and this one couldnt be classier

A bit of an old thing now but real must have, blake with his typically mindblowing production

Also dear readers, its come to my attention that recently downloads haven't been playing properly, if you can confirm this is just since i(jumpman) started posting, or other specifics, it would help me fix this issue as soon as possible, thank you.


  1. Awesome to have you back bud, but wheres the dope house and jacking/funky tracks at? There was always at least one crazy house track like a Rene Amesz - Coriander type deal.....love your work ;)

  2. Yo! They play in regular media players (VLC, Quicktime, etc.) but the tracks won't import into iTunes. Like, nothing happens at all.

    I've had this problem in the past with other files - I believe that it is a certain type of encoding that doesn't play well with importing. Maybe re-encode them?

  3. Yo Yo. I think it's something to do with the extensions, but yeh tracks won't import or play in iTunes or wmp which more or less renders them a tad bit useless haha.
    I'm sure it's an easy fix.
    Thanks for the uploads though.