10 April 2011

Banana Sundaes

In my opinion Facebook's best features are the fan aka like pages. It makes it so much easier for musicians to post whatever they're trying to advertise but more importantly share with their fans other musicians that they like. Having said the obvious, the other day Skream popped on my news feed with his usual 24/7 status updates talking about these guys The Weeknd.

These guys from Canada make some of the most original R&b/Soul DUBSTEP something that I haven't heard for a while if I'm being honest. Smooth melodies, soft lyrics, butter like lyrics that make you want to sink on the sofa and chill. Their FREE mixtape House Of Balloons is a chill out vibe with the exception of 'What You Need', this is definitely a track that you'd have on the background while shagging, if you have a romantic side that is... If romantic sex isn't your cup of tea then let me tempt you to shagging with Work It by The Prototypes in the background.

All in all if you want some quality smooth R&B/Soul dubstep then these are the guys you're looking for.

House Of Balloons mixtape

Have a good hungover day

Simple P

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