11 April 2011


I would be lying if I didn't admit that I've been super excited for this post for months.  I'm very proud to bring you the first release from Flammenwerfer, a friend and fantastic DJ.  Where most American producers today are jumping onto the complextro boat, this release would feel right at home on Boys Noize Records.  I've been hearing these tracks as he's obsessively tweaked them for months, and I've got to say having listened to the final product it was all worth it.  I could go on and rant about these tracks, but you should just take a listen, you won't be able to hear these tracks anywhere else for now at least:


Fiber (Original Mix) by Flammenwerfer

Banger for sure. Starts Electro Tech and then just assaults your face with AAAAAAAAAAH. But not in that Dubstep abrasive way, more in that first time you heard Proxy way.

Amino (Original Mix) by Flammenwerfer (GOLDEN BANANA)

My favorite of the two. Acid.

Looks like both tracks have reached the download limit, so you can grab it below:

Fiber / Amino - Flammenwerfer + (Zippyshare Link)
Be sure to check out his SOUNDCLOUD and flood his tracks with comments so that you can't see the actual wave form anymore.

For those of you wondering what the absence has been about, recovering from a dislocated knee.  Been watching unhealthy amounts of TV.


  1. We played both of his songs in our last mixtape!


    Would be very cool to post it if you like it!

    nbast5@gmail.com ;)

  2. dude, trying to dl the flammen..and the damn thing has reached its limit, can you send me another link to it, i am playing with cyberpunkers on saturday night (directly after them) and wouldn't mind playing these tracks:)

  3. umm, it's me from radiodeconstruction.blogspot.com btw