07 December 2010


New discovery: Uppermost.  Dude makes incredible Electro House and has remained unknown to myself until very recently.  I've gone about and collected every track of his I could.  I haven't done an artist focused post in a while, but he deserves it.  Sometimes he can sound like Deadmau5, but HARD ELECTRO HOUSE Deadmau5, very few prog moments in these tracks.  He also has a good amount of 6/8 tracks, which are always amazing.  I'm gonna post some favorites up top with my collection at the bottom.


Futur (Original Mix) - Uppermost (GOLDEN BANANA)
This is seriously the best thing in my life right now.  Slower tempo Electro, it's like a French take on Skrillex.  This could have been released on Ed Banger back in the day.

We Are (Original Mix) - Uppermost (Golden Banana)
I hear Wolfgang Gartner in the drop in this one.

Side by Side (Uppermost Mix) - Felguk (Silver Banana)
Of course he remixed my absolute favorite Felguk track.  And this is one of the 6/8 tracks.

Verbal Abuse (Original Mix) - Uppermost
And here's a Deadmau5y track.  Wobble fans will freak.

Babylon (Uppermost Rework) - Congorock
Maybe you've been playing the original a bit too much, or maybe you want to surprise your fans while also playing something they know.

Noise Against The Rules (Original Mix) - Uppermost
Drum & Bass!  FUCK YES!

BONUS REMIXES (Included in Zip):

Take a Blow (Lazy Rich Remix) - Uppermost

Take A Blow (Dada Life Remix) - Uppermost

You know the remixers, so you obviously want the remixes.

Uppermost Collection (500 MB)


  1. Uppermost is killin it! "Cake Shop Is Dope" is one of my new favorites - I'm lookin forward to bumpin these tunes later!

  2. i first heard him on the remix of squeeeze's 'doop' he did. i noticed it wasnt in your collection, but the bass really kicks. i remember it came up on shuffle the day i got my license and i was really impressed.

    nice posts guys, keep it up