05 December 2010

Admiral Ackbar



Exploration of Space (Spencer & Hill Remix) - Cosmic Gate (Golden Banana)
Big Electro House jam with a super German cheese buildup, complete with those detuned saws we all love.

Inside Out (Original Mix) - DBN & Patric La Funk (Silver Banana)
Progressive House on the Housier side.  Also has a sick acid bass that comes in.  Huge fan of this track.

The Music (Original Mix) - Electrixx
Electro House in all it's glory.

Kick Starts (Wideboys Remix Extended) - Example
If you need to drop a commercial Electro House track.

Fucking VIP Bitch (Original Mix) - Electrixx
Moar Electro House!

Wazabi (Original Mix) - DBN & Patric La Funk
Progressive/Tech House with some weird/cool sounds.  Unique, dissonant, and ravey.

Inside Out (Inpetto Remix) - DBN & Patric La Funk
Making the original more Proggy.

Hell Yeah! (Original Mix) - Electrixx
Electro House with a rap on it.  Also, +500 Bastille Love and Admiration Points for whoever names another song that used this same sample.

Diskout (Main Mix) - Deux (aka David Penn & Toni Bass) feat. Sheilah Cuffy
Progressive House

Tik Tok (Club Edit) - Bob Sinclar feat Sean Paul
For those who REALLY want to play pop stuff.


  1. "Cool" - Spencer and Hill (Original Mix) for the 500 Bastille Points! (I think...)