08 December 2010

Nights Eyes - Exhale EP

Just got the go ahead from Night Eyes to post up their EP.  If you're unfamiliar with Night Eyes, they make haunting Electro that's both dancey and appealing to a broader audience than just the typical e-tarded dance community.  This is everything that I wish Witch House was (sorry Jumpman).  They also used to be called Sssen, and we interviewed them.  Check that out HERE.

I'm a huge fan and supporter of these guys, and really hope they can break through in this unforgiving world of egotistical bloggers on power trips that usually ignore pleads of recognition through emails and track submissions (I'm absolutely guilty of it too, it's difficult to have a heart in the face of an overflowing inbox).

Also, how bout that Wikileaks shit.  Crazy.


Exhale EP - Night Eyes
Really fucking awesome.  This is a link to their bandcamp, so you can stream the tracks and download them.

Viscera (Single) - Night Eyes
Looks like they've put out a new single since the EP, so I thought I'd include that.

And in case you missed it:
Stray Light (Bastille Remix) - Night Eyes - Free Download by Bastille

Our own remix of one of the tracks from the EP.  It's gotten the best response of any track yet, with support from The Disco Villains, Human Life, and Lucky Date.  And if you've heard it already, now you can hear the original.

Be excellent to each other! 


  1. this is an awesome ep, sorry if the band members dont agree but in my opinion this is witch house (all though you could equally refer it to electro-house/electro) , look at the cover the whole feel of the ep as well ,
    also i've been thinking about it crystal castles last album was witch house, big ecclesiasticaly wide open and distant gloomy, haunting synths, grave yard on hte cover, they just collaborated with goth legend robert smith, its like they moved from punk focus to shoegaze/goth, moving form lofi distorted intimacy, to like stadiumesque distance,

  2. See, I feel like those actually make more sense as witch house. I'm also way against calling anything slower than at least 110 house. House defines a tempo range, and most Salem, oOoOO, etc productions are NOT house. Why not Witchcore?

  3. totally, or witchstep, or maybe the other term that was being thrown around, drag, although to cut them a break, 2step/dubstep are house derivatives and chicago juke/house productions are blindingly fast enough it can give that ultraslow halfstep feel. but in all seriousness, it was just for the joke, a witch house/haunted house etc. rdrr

  4. There is no room for jokes in genres. Take Electrogressive House for example. Super serial.