08 November 2010

Porter Robinson

Dear readers, a very important moment is at hand.  It seems that a new producer has appeared and looks as though he might be worthy of the extremely esteemed AwB religious status.  Daft Punk is God, Deadmau5 is Jesus, and Wolfgang Garter is the motherfucking Second Coming goddamit.  So what's next?  The Holy Ghost?  Is this him?  It's still too early to decide, he needs more tracks.  He looks like he COULD be Jewish, so maybe we'll call him Moses.  Anyways, the dude is that good.


Less Go! (Porter Robinson Remix) - Spencer & Hill feat Lil Jon (Golden Banana)
I can totally hear Myles Dyson influence in this one, but he puts even more detail into it.  The second drop will also make you shit your pants since it's got the brown noise.

Seek Bromance (Porter Robinsom Remix) - Tim Berg feat Amanda Wilson (Golden Banana)
As if the original wasn't good enough.  Now you can play it while also blowing some speakers.

Say My Name (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson (Golden Banana)
The first track of his I heard.  This was when I knew.

Porter Robinson Collection (90 MB)


  1. Maybe a bit similar to 310electro's post?

    He's been out for a bit guys - just giving the heads up!

  2. Dear little bitch,

    310electro reads us and we read them.