09 November 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #8

And it's back.  Name this evil ass sucker and you'll receive +500 Bastille Love and Admiration Points.  I'll award 150 points if you can only name the game.  Lessgo.


Get On The Move (Original Mix) - Bingo Players (Golden Banana)
Hell yes.  And I quote my friend (he's not the biggest fan of Tech House)
"I didn't know a calm banger was possible"

Fountain Of Youth (Louis La Roche 'In The Discoteque' Remix) - Boy Crisis
Everyone's favorite French House revival producer is back.

Shake Shake (Original Mix) - S.co
It's kinda like Big Room Disco/Electro/Prog House.  What up Los Angeles.  This dude runs a sick blog worth checking out called 310Electro.

Transformers (Ooga Booga Remix) - Futurecop!
Starts Synth Poppy, then drops super hard with heavy Electro.  Great way to pick up energy in a set.

Generate Some Heat (Original Mix) - Foamo
Glad to see his back.  Some Fidget/Disco greatness.

Face Pump (Blende Remix) - JFK, St. Mandrew
Electro for you kids out there.

Close To The Stars (Jerome Isma-Ae Dub Mix) - Fabio XB feat Yves de Lacroix
Prog House or Trance?  It's pretty up for debate.  All I know is that this dude always puts out top notch production.

Road To Perdition (Original Mix) - Dinka
And some super smooth Progressive House to end.  The kind to sleep to, not to play live.


  1. Isn't this from Donkey Kong Country 2?

    Also give me a chance next time and I'll provide you with some uber obscure early nineties educational PC video game characters.


  2. yeah mang that's the sword that the huge KROC uses at those riverboat crossings right?

    dope tracks, btw

  3. oh shit nvm, that's the boss that's just a huge sword right? when the hooks drop and you have to traverse the lava and throw cannonballs at that motherfucker!

  4. Alright, I give it to you The Flavor Bitch. Name of the boss is Kleever. Sick name bro.