04 November 2010

Wherever We Are, Human Life Is There Too

I like to think that Human Life is looking into the future in this picture.  You might remember this epic group from when we interviewed them about a year ago (check that out HERE), but they've got some new exciting stuff that we're proud to promote.  They've just released a brand new EP that you can BUY HERE.  The release is packed full of awesome remixers, including the blogosphere hero Grum.  Anyways, let's get to the awesome tracks:

Wherever We Are - Original Mix by Human Life

Extremely catchy track, I really can't get the voice out of my head. Incredibly smooth, crisp production, you can tell they spent a lot of time on this one.

Wherever We Are - Nightriders Remix by Human Life

A slightly calmer remix that I'm happy to say they're offering as a free download from Soundcloud.

Italo Crimewave - Original Mix by Human Life

And here's the B Side, which they're also offering as a download.

Also, check out this awesome video for the title track. If there's anything I love more than Nu-Disco, it's beautiful Lesbian Romance. And this video's got both, what a treat.

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