14 November 2010


So I closed out the Risky Fresh Eurotrash party last night.  It was unbelievable.  I'm also going to be headlining at FLUX | A MASS EDMC EVENT next Friday, so if you're in the Massachusetts area you should come out.  The promoters interviewed me, so if you're interested you can check that out HERE.  My head hurts a lot after that blue Four Loko I crushed last night, so track descriptions will probably be lacking, but here's your Sunday dose.


The Island - Pendulum (GOLDEN BANANA)
I dropped this last night.  9 mins track.  Cheesy first half, NUTS second half.  This track is really incredible, and was so perfect for Eurotrash.

Lesbian Bondage Fiasco (Original Mix) - Aniki (Silver Banana)
AMAZING chopped Disco House.  He definitely tried to pull a Barbara Streisand though.

Bit This Thin (Tony Senghore Remix) - Djedjotronic
Electro Techno.  I love it.

Bit This Thin (Original Mix) - Djedjotronic
And the original.  Techno.

Sanity (Adam K & Soha Vocal Club Mix) - Adam K & Soha Ft. Hannah
Progressive Dutch House?

KMA - Autoerotique & SonicC
Dutch House.

Here He Goes (Original Mix) - Dusty Kid & Grooviera
Tech House.

Feel The Love (Sunloverz Remix) - Aboutblank & KLC
House, classic feel.  I wouldn't play it, but I can see that someone definitely would.

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