15 November 2010

Right This Second

I posted a video of this a few days ago.  It came out today.


Right This Second - Deadmau5 (Golden Banana)
It's like a progressive take on FML, and it is good.  This is meant to fill a stadium.  I'm really a fan of what I've heard coming form the next album, I think it should blow his last out of the water, or at least release Cthulu from dimensional prison.

The 16th Hour - Deadmau5 (Golden Banana)
My personal favorite track form the last album.  This is a 320, unmixed.


  1. Yaaaaay 16th hour was my fav too

  2. guys, I'm just not into it anymore. Deadmau5 has completely lost my faith. Wolfgang has risen in the ranks to Jesus and Deadmau5 is Judas at best.