04 June 2010

Vote Or Die

So there's a competition right now where you can vote for your favorite American DJ.  Big list, pick 5 sorta thing.  Last year Z Trip won.  You can check out more info about the whole thing HERE as well as check to see if the tour is stopping anywhere near you.

Of course you're entitled to your own opinion, but I voted for the following:

Armand Van Helden - because he's a legend, a hero of Daft Punk is a hero of mine
A-Trak - godly on the ones and twos.
Mark Farina - see him and you'll understand
The Martinez Bros - same goes for these guys
Wolfgang Gartner - I mean, the second fucking coming

Honorable mentions to Bassnectar, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Francois K (for DJing a station in GTA IV), Kaskade, Mixmaster Mike, Moby, and finally, ?uestlove.

There's a giant list with tons to pick from, 100 exactly, I'd be interested to hear who you guys pick and why.  Unless of course you vote for Steve Aoki.  If that's you, I'd like to first redirect you HERE, and then I'll show you my foot in your ass.


I can't leave you with nothing, so hears a new Popof EP:

Blow Me Down / Circle Monkey EP - Popof
Very new sound for him, more Tribal/Funky Housey but still very much Tech.  Sample based rather than his typical blipy synth sounds.

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